Aran thanks you all for his birthday wishes!

He has thoroughly enjoyed homself these past 6 days with his grandparents, and has been rather spoilt. My dad and step mum enjoyed their trip, and were thankful that the snow that was on the ground when their plane landed quickly melted under the Italian spring sunshine. Indeed, the weather is returning to normal here.

We've seen lots of sights, eaten in lots of restaurants and unwrapped lots of presents. The fun and festivities has taken it's toll a little (I've come down with a lovely chesty cold cough type of thing) but we're slowly returning to our slower pace of life now. The plan for today is to catch up on emails, so if you're waiting to hear from me I will be in touch very soon!

If you're a podcast fan, you'll likely know that Knitcast has returned and is back on the air. Last week Marie interviewed me for special show, and that is now live - Knitcast 27 - I hope you enjoy it!

ETA - Happy St. Patricks day! Hey, it's a green Hat after all ;)

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