Indeed, that cute little Hat model of ours, son and heir to the Wormhead business (he's a lucky lad, isn't he?) turns 2 this coming saturday, 13th March. Two years old already.

My dad and step mum fly over tomorrow for a 5 day visit and to join the birthday celebrations, so from tomorrow lunchtime (11th) I'll be taking a break from work. Or at least, I'll try to. Aran has been practicing his airport greeting of "dad dad" and "nina" (that's Grandad and Irina in grow-up talk).

We've been affected by the sudden and freak snow storms that have been hitting southern Europe. We haven't had it as bad as Spain, but nonetheless it's unexpected and has left things a little chaotic around here. And cold and wet. Tom believes Aran is to blame, by wishing for snow on his birthday.

To add to the fun, we've been experiencing power cuts all day; we're guessing at the moment it's due to the weather. We're also on a kind of red-alert as the authorities battle to divert the river that runs beside us here on the Yard. Over this winter it has eroded massive chunks of the bank on this side, some 6 metres in places, and right now, one of the electricity pylons is mere feet from the ever expanding water; we've already lost a road. (see now weather why we have well and truly fallen out with you?)

Life's never boring, huh? A fun weekend awaits!

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