And here's another  - that's 4 consecutive issues of Yarn Forward containing Woolly Wormhead patterns!

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Forestry is a lightweight lace beanie, in 3 sizes, knit in the gorgeous Fyberspates 4ply Scrumptious. I haven't had a chance yet to photograph this one on a real person yet, so here are some extra shots on one of the semi-retired head forms.

(it's funny - these head forms are only used now for progress shots or temporary photos until I can get them modelled. Seeing them used here, shared on the blog once more, makes the pattern feel unfinished)

The lace pattern grows out from the brim and gently works it’s way towards the crown, where the shaping is elegantly worked into the lace pattern. The brim is reminiscent of the base of trees, the trunks; the the body lace pattern reflects the branches and the crown detail is like the tips of the trees, delicate and whimsical.

Although there are 3 sizes included, the grading between the sizes is wider than normal due to the width of the lace pattern. However, it is super stretchy as there are well placed purl stitches within the lace pattern and the yarn is used at a slightly looser gauge than recommended.

With the pattern comes a tutorial for working with yarnovers -  how to create them between knit and purl stitches, and vice versa, and how to maximise them to get the best effects for your lace.

Like my other patterns published with Yarn Forward, they are only available through the magazine until the rights revert back to me after 6mths. After that time I will be able to self publish the pattern and sell it individually, but until then, please don't ask me to sell a copy on it's own - I'm sure you'll find the magazine worthy of it's price, and it is eaier to get hold of than you may realise.

That's my current spell with Yarn Forward finished for now. No doubt I'll publish with them again in the future, once the book madness and other commitments have calmed down.

On the home front, the flu is being persistent. Blocked sinuses, drowsiness and constant headaches are abundant, and today the dizziness from last week returned. I'm trying to stay upbeat; after a week and a half we've gotta be over the worst of it, right?

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