We now live in a double decker bus and it's time to share some photos!. It's not all finished, but is any home ever? Rather than waffle on I'll let the photos do the talking, and there's plenty of 'em.


Front end is the kitchen, mini library and dining area in the middle, seating & relaxing area at the rear. There's a couple of things still in need of a lick of paint, but otherwise, it's done. The dining table needs a couple more chairs - Tom's built an extension for it so it opens out when we have guests. And yep, the xmas decorations are up - the wee dude's been ill and in need of cheering up, so why not. We didn't have space for an xmas tree in Barp, so it's quite the novelty!


This is still very much a work in progress - Aran's wooden slide needs a platform & fixing, and he'll have some more storage, but his end is mostly done. We need all our storage & wardrobe built, and most of that will go at the foot of our bed (a few shelves and a wee hanging rail - we haven't that many clothes) There will also be underbed storage for all the things that we don't need everyday.

Between our bedrooms, opposite the stairwell, will be my office. There's a small area between Aran's bedroom and the stairwell that's been reserved for a possible bathroom, but that'll be way, way in the future. There are still 2 windows that need blocking up (by the foot of our bed & my office) and the amount of light flooding in is amazing, even on the grey days. And check that view from our bedroom window - we can see the river each morning when we wake up!


Here's a couple of shots we took of her parked up and nesting in the trees before the weather turned and robbed all the leaves. These were taken before the build was finished, but it gives you an idea of her scale. She's *huge*. Well, she would be. She's a Leyland Titan.

To answer some questions - yep, she still rolls and we could drive her if we wanted to, except she's way too expensive (not many miles to the gallon) and really we'd rather keep her parked up and safe as our winter home. But should we ever need to move, it's possible (though Tom reckons she wouldn't be too keen on crossing the Alps again)

Our only form of heating is the one woodburner stove downstairs. Despite all the windows, we're pretty well insulated and the stove keeps us toasty. In the mornings it can be a tad nippy (about 12 degrees upstairs, 16 down) but within half an hour the stove is roaring again and warming us all up, so the outlook is good for when it gets colder. It's burning twice as much fuel per month to keep her warm as it did Barp, which is pretty good going considering she's nearly 4 times the size.

We're still running off mains electric, as we haven't got enough solar panels to make much difference with this bus. Again, it's something we could do in the future, should we have enough spare funds to cover the roof with panels. We don't have loads of things running off the electric, but even a fridge takes quite a bit of juice.

We're on mains water also - we don't have enough space outside to be harvesting rain water, or recycling our grey water either. Still, our total daily usage is less than most families use to flush their toilet each day. If we do build a bathroom upstairs, it will likely only be a shower which is more economical on water. We're not as off the grid as I'd like to be, but we're doing pretty well.

So there we have it, our not quite complete new bus! Every morning Aran comes downstairs a happy boy having woken in his new bed. Each night we all go to sleep, enjoying how much extra space we now have. And we love it :)

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