The day before christmas eve may not be the perfect time to release a new pattern, yet Castiel is the perfect seasonal Hat. Knit from the Natural Dye Studio's Angel DK, the yarn adds it's own special touch to the delicate lace pattern.

The delicate lace panels grow up from the ribbing in the brim and adorn the body. The crown shaping is worked into the lace panels, so although there is a slight gather at the crown it is still worked in pattern. The pattern comes in 4 sizes, from 17"/43cm through to 23"/53cm, and is provided in both written and charted format.

Castiel will be the January KAL Hat over in the Ravelry group, and as a thank you for all your support and helping us build our new home in time for the holidays, use the Rav coupon code woollyangel to get yourself a 50% discount!

And why the name Castiel? As well as being the angel of Thursday (today!) whose colour is pastel green (the colour of the sample) and whose month is November (when this Hat was designed) he is also the fictional angel character from Supernatural, which we happened to be watching the evening I knitted the final version of this Hat. A perfect name, don't you think?

AuthorWoolly Wormhead