Remember that lovely red and black striped beret I showed you a while back, the one that I knit for Anca as a thank you present, and where we'd taken the photos at dusk?

Well, the pattern is now available to purchase! Meet Anca's Beret

The one I knit for Anca used King Cole Merino blend 4ply for the main colour (black) and some Jaeger Angora Spun in luscious red that has been sitting in my stash forever. The Angora spun comes in 25g balls, and one ball of the red was enough as the 2nd colour (phew! I only had one ball of it)

The travelling jogless stripes method is recommended, and there is a description on how to do that included in the pattern. I found the 4ply very forgiving of the jogs, so using a good method at this gauge really does make the colour change invisible.

When I set about making a Hat for Anca, the style was left completely up to me, she only requested the colours (and it was that red she fell in love with) I've said before that I'm not a huge fan of stripes yet this colour combination begged to be put together like this. There's something rather punky about a decent stripey red and black combo, yet at the same time the gentle style of the Hat adds a sort of romantic element.

The design worked, and Anca loved it!

The Anca's Beret pattern comes in 5 sizes, from 19" up to 23". There isn't a huge difference between each size, but by including them the knitter has more choice over fit. The depth of the Hat is adjustable, as is the depth of the stripes, and I've included measurements for yardage for each of the colours, as that may help those using up oddments. There are no charts, the pattern doesn't need it, and it does include details about how to hide those jogs.

Here are a couple more shots that we took during our last photo shoot, and again I've been playing around with them in RAW to see what could be done:

When Anca first came to the Yard and I asked her if she was interested in modelling for me, she said sure, she'd give it a go, but that she wasn't very photogenic. I hope I managed to show her otherwise.

Enjoy! And Anca - have lots of fun in Berlin :)

Andi - thank you so much for your comment and suggestions on my last post! Unfortunately Adobe Lightbox doesn't work with my operating system (I'm a Linux user, running Ubuntu 10.04) There are a couple of different softwares available for my platform, and I've found UFRaw to be the most user friendly. It's working for me so far, at least!

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