As I've been learning more and experimenting with my photography, the occasional older pattern has been getting some attention, and this time it was Marina.

The sample I have is the largest size of the slouchiest version, and really is too big for most people. Besides, it's been worn rather a lot (by me) and is starting to look more than a little well loved, so it was time for a quick reknit. I stumbled across a project listed on Ravelry that was made with Rico's Creative Poems Aran and loved how the colours worked with the Marina pattern, so ordered myself some and set about knitting. This time I knitted the slouchy beanie version, rather than the rasta version, as that seems to be the most popular of the 2 styles.

As well as thinking about composition and framing, this one pushed me a little further due to those random reds in the yarn. More often than not I try to avoid red because it can cause the camera some serious headaches but this time I had no choice. And so I had to bite the bullet and do all of the editing with the RAW files.

These are probably the most troublesome photos I've edited in RAW and I'm pleased with how they've turned out. It wasn't only the different reds in the yarn that made these photos difficult, but also the sunshine. We may now have snow on the ground now but when the sun shines here, even in the middle of winter, it's enough to over expose beyond belief. I believe there's some portable equipment I can get to help reflect the sun and really should look into that.

Weather permitting*, Anca will be leaving the Yard and heading for Berlin later today, so these are likely to be the very last photos I've taken of her. She's said she'd like to come back and visit, and hopefully she will but life has a habit of throwing you down a different track. She'll be missed.

*What started as thunder & hail storms on monday quickly became thunder & snow storms by tuesday, which today means we're without running water and surrounded by ice. Just to make things that much more fun, a rotten head cold virus has decided to pay a visit...

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