Remember way back before the summer, the genius idea of fitting a pattern onto one side of a business card struck me, and I had them printed up for the summer tour?

Well, now that the tour is long over and that all the business cards I had printed up have long since ran out, I thought I'd share some photos of the Hat itself, as well as the pattern. We had a wee photo shoot at the weekend and of course Aran jumped in front of the camera.

Aran loves his new Hat! Though the centre shot shows that he's not that great at putting it on straight himself yet...

I've had lots and lots of requests to make this pattern available to those who weren't able to grab a business card on the tour. And now that the summer has long passed, I've made it available as a PDF download. I haven't had the time to put the pattern into my normal layout, so the PDF looks like the business card itself (which I think is more fun). Neither have I had the time to build a webpage for it, so at the moment it's only available to download from Ravelry or from this blog post by using the button below. Enjoy!

ETA/ 2 of the sizes ask you to cast on an odd number of stitches, and then at the end of the patterns you're asked to either 3-needle bind off or crochet bind off to finish the Hat. Now, before anyone worries, yes, you can finish this way with an odd number of stitches!
Both of these bind off methods work by alternating between 2 needles, so simply start on the needle that has the extra stitch and this ensures that you've finish on that extra stitch smoothly. Even if you don't start on the needle with the extra stitch, it's no problem to slip the last stitch over to the other needle to allow you to finish smoothly.
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