Elourne, the first of the designs I did for Jamieson & Smith last year, is now available as a single pattern now that the rights have reverted back to me. It's sister design, Filigree Beanie, which was published with J&S at the same time, will be available as soon as the pattern is ready.

Elourne is a Hat that plays with the properties of the Shetland wool. The dense, warm yarn allows the beret to be more sculptural and hold it's structure, and provide plenty of warmth even with the lace element.

The cables on this design are mirrored, and the decreases are designed to create a rose like shape at the crown where the cables meet. The pattern has both charted and written instructions, and comes in a range of sizes, as always.

I'm sure I should be selling this design more, but this is the Bus Of The Ill, and my brain isn't operating at full whack. Still, at least we are in the new bus (big yey!) where we've plenty of space for us all to be monging without getting under each others' feet.


AuthorWoolly Wormhead
CategoriesHats, Patterns