This years' Mystery KAL has come to an end, and it's time to reveal the true identities of the patterns. We had two patterns, same as last year, and participants could choose either or both. So without any further ado, here they are!

Pattern A - Bellefleur

Bellefleur uses a combined cast-on to create that beautiful brim. Fear not, it's not as complex as it sounds, and details are included in the pattern. I half expected to hear some grumbling about this type of technique appearing in a mystery knit-a-long but I felt the pattern was better for it, and I think most knitters enjoyed the challenge.

The cables in the brim feed into the body, where they are met by gentle leaves weaving their way to the crown. As you'll know by now, creating an interesting crown pattern that incorporates key features of the pattern is a bit of a thing of mine, and this one is no different. As the cables are the strongest element throughout the Hat, I felt it important to make them the strongest element in the crown too.

The yarn for this pattern was provided by Renaissance Dyeing, and it's their organic Poll Dorsett 4ply. It's a yummy woolly wool that gives beautiful stitch definition and real depth of colour, which really set this Hat off.

As with previous years, the individual patterns remain on special offer until the end of November. You can't buy the joint purchase anymore but they will remain at half price, £1.50, until 30th November.

Pattern B - Limpetiole

Limpetiole is the less complex of the two, and is more beret like in style. Using either an alternate cable or tubular cast-on, the twisted stitches of the brim carry into the body, creating the beautiful leaf pattern. There are common elements between both but they aren't too similar, and infact the leaves are subtly different (just to make sure everyone was paying attention ;)

And let me explain the meaning behind the name.. Limpets, those peculiar and beautiful conical shells, influenced the crown shaping muchly. And the later part of the name comes from Petioles - those tiny little stalks at the base of leaves. It is a peculiar sort of name, yet I was pretty chuffed with it, and it's one not likely to be confused with anything else!

The recommended yarn for this one is Manos Silk blend, but you could use the Malabrigo equivalent or any merino & silk blend that gives the same gauge; it's the fibre combo that gives it it's lovely drape.

As already mentioned, both patterns are half price until the end of November from here or Ravelry. They will also be going into print distribution and othr regular outlets too once the promotion is over.

I can't thank everyone enough for joining and knitting along with us! Running a Mystery KAL is an awful lot of work, yet despite that and all the difficult times these last few weeks have bought, I've really enjoyed it. Clicking over and spying on the Spoiler threads has been one of the things keeping me going  - there's nothing better than seeing so many beautiful Hats in progress and catching the excitement as the mystery unfolds!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead