This last week has been the worst 7 days for a long time. Poor kitty is still at the vets (it's not the most loving or warm environment but least she's comfortable). Then we have the ugh's, those little things that by themselves are annoying or frustrating or downright bewildering, but nonetheless, manageable. Unless they start stockpiling like they have this week, and then you start wondering why you even bother.

And so, we need cheering up. We did manage to get some new photos for existing Hats this week, a minor achievement, and I thought I'd share.

Here we have Elourne, one of two designs I did for Jamieson and Smith last year. At the end of this month the rights revert back to me, and there's no time like the present to get some fresh shots.

And here we have Ziggy. This one was first published with Knit On The Net, and their site has been undergoing a major refurbishment. In preparation for the new launch, I wanted to get some decent shots of my own of this Hat, which seem to have eluded me until now.

Whilst we had the camera out, I thought I'd try Sherbert Fountain on Anca too, and the results were better than I expected! This is another tricky Hat to get right; the colours seem to burst at the camera and cause all sorts of havoc.

You'll notice that the background is the same with all of them, and it's one I've used before and you'll no doubt see again. I do like to vary the backgrounds and mix things up a bit, yet this one has something different about it. It's a mesh wall that's part of a large metal installation, and it diffuses light in such a beautiful way and really sets these shots of. Also, it's neutral enough not to distract, which is always a bonus.

I also think that my direction as a photographer (stylist, even?) is improving, too. Having worked so much with Silvia, who's such a natural with the camera, working with someone new has forced me to be more thoughtful about positions and body language. We've both learnt the best ways of working together and getting the most from the shoots. These photos? We had a 15 minute photoshoot, that's all. Anca's moving on to Berlin soon, and we're planning a join shoot with both Silvia and Anca before she goes, and I think that will be fun.

Update @5pm:
Tom has spoken to veterinary centre again this afternoon. They cannot trace the original owner of kitty as their records of who bought her in previously are not up to date. And so there is nothing more they can do, and the original owner is going to get away with their behaviour. They can't keep her any longer, and I think now they are going to do the decent thing by her. It would seem that this story was never meant to have a happy ending.

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