Earlier today, around 3pm, this little kitten made herself known to us. As if out of nowhere, and obviously in need of help, there she was.

A photoshoot was booked with Anca and we were literally about to start, and without a second thought that was postponed, as this little soul needed us. I wrapped her up and bought her back, and between us we made sure she was happy. She was fed and watered and had a bed full of towels and purred contently. She's barely 8 weeks old, if that.

Except something wasn't right. Thre was evidence of previous treatment. I knew she needed to see a vet but wanted to calm her first. After we said goodbye to Minky and Spook I never imagined I'd ever being doing this again, but there we were, taking this poor helpless soul to get some help. Our 'no more pets' policy was shot to bits in an instant.

And the vet confirmed our worst thoughts. Yes, she was abandoned because he remembered treating this self same cat only a week ago. She wasn't able to urinate by herself. Her stomach was swollen and her bladder was bloated and she stank. Sure, she has bright eyes and the most reassuring purr but she'd no control over her bowels. She didn't behave like a kitten of 8 weeks old; she was scared and had limited mobility. She didn't run away or wander from home; she couldn't. She was dumped and left to die by herself.

And although the outlook isn't good, the vet has kept her in for the night to do more x-rays in the hope that he can do something. Her tail is broken, and the nerve endings in her rear half have gone. The vet told us she'd been hit by a car and couldn't say yey or ney when we asked whether she could be treated, except his face said everything. I expected him to tell us she needed to be put to sleep, but instead she's been given one last ray of hope. Depending on the damage, she may be treatable with drugs, or it may be goodbye forever. Either way, I couldn't even begin to tell you how utterly angry I am at the previous owners for abandoning this animal in her hour of need. This is one of those times when the insensitivity of humans burns me to my core. They left her, and they left her with us, knowing exactly just how poorly she is. I only hope the inhumanity they showed comes back to bite them, big time. The vet remembers this kitten, and he was another soul that can't bear to see an animal in this state, and I'm pretty damn sure he'll hunt them down. I'm told there's a mighty fine to be paid in this country for abandoning animals, so please, hit them for it.

And now I'm asking this. This kitten needs some help. Any help. The odds are against her but if there's a single ray of hope, can we please let her have it? If you're the sort who prays or cares or sends out good karma, then please do. I'm not expecting miracles, but I am hoping that this little kitten understands that not all humans are cruel and unkind before her days are ended. She needs to feel some more love, if only briefly.

24 hours later:
We've spoken to the vet, and things aren't good. She's in no pain, as her nerve endings are beyond repair, and the lack of discomfort is the one saving grace in all of this. They did treat her previously, and infact she was in for nearly a week trying the medication that they hoped would jog her nerves and allow her to function properly by herself. They tried again but sadly, the medication isn't working.

She needs 24 hour care, help with emptying her bladder and more. There is no quality of life for her; although she can get about a bit, she can't run around and play. She has little control over her rear end. She's staying with the vet another night, but we now have to make the humane decision. It's heart breaking.

Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts and energy. She's a special little creature who no doubt has benefited from at least a few more hugs and some more warmth and love in her last days.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead