Although I promised no more new designs for a while, my fingers got itchy. They needed to play. And it needed to be quick and enjoyable.

And I think you can work out what happened when this button and this yarn came together. Meet Buttonette.

Ever since the first photos of Buttonette were shared *everyone* has been asking about that giant button! It's made by Tree Gems and you can find them on Folksy. The clever woodworker is the husband of one of my test knitters, affectionately known as Mr. C. I'm really pleased this design has come about, and hope it will help show the world just how lovely his buttons are.

The yarn is Plushness from SkeinQueen and it really is rather lush. I've never knitted with SQ yarn before and having breezed through with this Hat, I'd happily use it again. The gauge is closest to that of a sports weight yarn, and I believe that's what it's listed as on Ravelry. The colours are warm and rich, and play nicely with the shaping and construction of the Hat.

When this one went off for test knitting, a few of my test knitters got a little excited and whipped up more samples than necessary. Coupled with the general response to the design, I figured it'd be a good idea to get this pattern polished as quickly as possible. One of my tech editors was able to check it this weekend for me, and here it is! I look forward to seeing many Buttonettes.

We did the wee photo shoot for this Hat at dusk and I'm really pleased with how they came out. If I'd have been better prepared I'd have used the tripod, as the low light did cause a few problems, but otherwise I'm really chuffed with our little experiment - it was much darker than these photos would have you believe.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead