I didn't mean to leave it so long before I posted again, especially after so many thoughtful comments. This is a big part of the problem, methinks. Time, and the serious lack of.

November is my busiest month, with the Mystery KAL and the seasonal woolly Hat madness, and that coupled with the bus work leaves no time. No time for talking to friends or relaxing over a movie or taking an afternoon off. And no time for creative play.

The nail was hit on the head in the comments - there's been no experimenting or having fun for quite a while. I've been dreaming of making some crochet spiral Hats... imaging all sorts of sculptural pieces; bigger and more beautiful than previous ones. After rummaging through my fabric stash last week I stumbled across my wee collection of printed cottons and started yearning for some hand-made patchwork skirts; it's been a while since I daydreamed about making myself some new clothes. There are lots and lots of things I want to make. And lots and lots of things I want to play with, purely for the sake of playing. If I can scratch that itch, then I'm pretty sure I'd be a much happier bunny.

And so the Bach's Flower Remedies have been helping me out. They're pretty good, and if they can help me through this sticky patch and avoid the happy pills, all the better. I could feel the start of a depressive cycle at the start of the summer, and knowing it's both seasonal and cyclical helps; it will get better.

The efforts are proving fruitful - the curtains for the bus are finally finished! It has been a serious long haul, dressing all those windows, and I'm mightily pleased it's done. In the end we used a combination of plain cottons, sheeting and throws to make the curtains. This worked out the most cost effective way of getting colours that suited our plans, as well us giving us reasonable quality with the fabrics. All the curtains are lined; I've gone for the layers factor over bulk, as several layers together can be more effective at keeping out the cold than one thick fabric.

The next job for me is the upholstery, and once that's done we can pretty much move in downstairs. There's still a wee bit of painting that needs finishing on the lower floor, but not much. Otherwise, it's time to build the bedrooms! Upstairs won't take as long as downstairs - building kitchens and seating and sofas around wheel arches and non custom corners is fiddly work, the bedrooms will be much more straightforward. We're on target to be in by xmas, which is cool.

We may not be able to move in yet, but at least Whiskey gets to enjoy all the extra space and warmth.

Once it's all done and we're all in, I've promised myself that there will be some play and fun time. Fingers crossed, eh? And can someone please tell Whiskey that he has his own home to go to? It's great that he co-ordinates but still...

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