Many bloggers share photos from their gardens, often depicting sculptural leafy foliage or beautiful scented flowers, or perhaps the latest offerings from their allotment. Not so here. Here you get broken toys and insects.

Having never really noticed them previously in our little patch of stones and dirt, we came back after a summer away to an abundance of Praying Mantes.

Just as I was done boring telling NDSHomer on Twitter all about the egg sack they'd laid on one of Aran's larger garden toys over the summer (which was sadly smashed, as toddlers' toys aren't the safest place for nesting) this beasty was seen laying a fresh egg sack. So she's a she, not a he.

These photos were taken by Tom on my new D5000. A new camera was one of few things we planned to buy over the summer for the business, but when it came to the crunch we couldn't afford that much, and so we picked this. We're kinda glad that we did. It's still a budget camera compared to say a D90 or better but it does us well enough, and being rather familiar with a D40 it's not taken long to get used to. I still love the D40 but for print images, I need more pixels, and that's where the D5000 first won it's brownie points.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead