That last past was very hard to write, and I really appreciate everyone's support - not just for what I've written but for the tutors and all of those affected by this event. Thank you.

I'm still not sure if posting about it was the right thing to do; there are still butterflies in my belly. My main want was for the truth to be out and I tried very hard to stick to the facts. And it's done now; there's no taking it back. No doubt there will be more said on the subject but not today, not from me at least.

This blog needs something fresh and positive, so here's a shot from the wee photo shoot we had at the weekend, with my fancy pants new camera, a Nikon D5000, and the 50mm AF-S lens I bought last summer:

This is Anca wearing Molly, a design published in Knit On The Net last year (their website has been down for refurbishment) Ever since it was published I've been trying to get good shots of my own but have failed miserably - maybe it's the colour, but it's a tough Hat to get right with the camera.

I think we've managed it this time.

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