For whatever reason, I've looked back this evening. And I'd like to ask a question.

Looking at things like the spinning drill tutorial and patterns such as the Pleated Beret and the Spiral Play Hats the kitchener explorations/sideways knitting designs and I wonder if I'm as creative now as I was back then?

It's not a 'woe is me' thing, more a path to finding where I am, and where I've been. Maybe I don't need to be as explorative right now yet can still be as creative. Maybe I've found a groove that suits for the time being and that path will undoubtedly change (or at least, I hope so) Anyone who dares declare they don't need to explore is fooling themselves; without curiosity or experimentation we may as well give up. And I guess that's why this question has popped up; I can't be sure if those things are lacking or whether it's just me following a tangent that needs to be followed. (and I'm not asking you to tell me to knit jumpers instead of Hats - the platform itself is immaterial)

For a long time I've held back on posting such thoughts here, because the ever growing spotlight stumps me. Sometimes I come here saying what needs to be said and other times I hold my tongue for fear of being judged. But here's the thing - creative people are always asking themselves these sorts of questions. We all have moments of self-doubt, conflict and insecurities. It's what makes us better artists. We can never 100% sure of ourselves; it's the nature of the beast. And if that's all you ever see, a creative person who seems to know their path and never waver, well, you're missing out on a whole lot, and that's a shame.

At the bottom of this thought-pit? My business is worth more now, money-wise, than it has ever been and I guess I'm kinda wondering whether that's down to increased exposure or inventiveness. My romantic side likes the latter answer, my logical prefers the first. It's a funny old business, eh?

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