Tom's Uncle Alex has been here to stay. He came over to do an Orb gig in Bologna, and that's where we caught up with him.

Aran got a personal tour of the decks, though I'm not so sure he took it all in. He did enjoy the various lights though, and thoroughly enjoyed himself running around the open space chasing them whilst the set grew around him.

Unfortunately Aran isn't old enough to stay up late and see Uncle Alex perform, but he did get to hang out at the restaurant with the grown ups until it got too much and he fell asleep. Tom did get to go to the party and dance and drink whilst I fell asleep to the faint rumblings from the sound system (someone had to babysit).

The sculptures for the set were provided by Wrekon - here are a couple of their monkeys. Aran's rather taken with their giant robots but we didn't get any good photos of them in situ.

Sunday afternoon saw us bringing Alex back to the Yard for a day or so before he set off on his journey back to London. He got to sleep in the double decker (something I haven't done yet!), eat plenty of local food and spoil Aran rotten with new car toys. It's fun having visitors, albeit briefly.

This weekend wasn't all about attempting to restore our social life though. Oh no, as always, there was knitting on the needles.

Anca (who modelled in this shot for me) has been helping us decorate the bus and has done the bulk of the wood painting downstairs. As a thank you for being an absolute star, she's getting a custom design Hat (which is already nearly a pattern) and I've been eager to finish it for her.

Now, I know I said I didn't want to start any new Hat designs because they'd be a distraction from all the admin work I need to do. And this is true; I have been bad. Infact, I've been doubly bad.

The garter stitch swing jacket is fab at helping me relax of an evening. But all that garter stitch does get a bit boring, and my brain does insist upon creating new designs for Hats. (I'll talk about both in detail another time, but if you like that big wooden button you can find them at Tree Gems)

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