It's raining here today, and whenever it rains we can guarantee that some of our regular feline visitors will pop by, looking for a cosy spot to nap.

We have 4 regular visitors, and this morning all 4 have been by, with no less than 2 in the bus at any on time. Let me introduce you to them.

I'm sure I've mentioned Jimmy before on this blog, he's been coming to visit since we first got here. He likes to try and tell the other cats that this is his patch, and we gently remind him that it isn't. Otherwise, he's soft and cuddly and a bit of a lump. He tolerates Aran to no end; he's the perfect childrens' cat.

This is Namu, and she's probably about 18 mths old now. She's feisty and playful and damn quick. As a kitten she came to visit often, and still does, though not so much. She'll howl demandingly at the door to be let in, howl again for a drop of milk, then depending on her mood, either curl up on the sofa or be on her merry way.

This is Whiskey, and he's a couple of months younger than Namu. He's gorgeous. He's a sit on your shoulders and purr kinda cat. He's another very affectionate chappy and has the softest nature I've ever met in a tom. He belongs to our neighbour and used to bound around here as a wee kitten and probably sees our bus as an extension of his home.

And this is Zulu, and she's Whiskey's sister, from the same litter. She's timid and noisy and oh so much like Minky it's unreal. She may be smallest of the cats but she's also the noisiest. She won't ask for a cuddle but like her brother she appreciates one.

Since we've been here we've been offered kittens or other cats in need of a home but we always say no; saying goodbye to Minky and Spook when we left London still upsets me and I don't think I've the strength to have another cat of our own. Yet we miss feline company, so the little arrangement we have with these fellows suits us all rather nicely. Unless we have them all come to visit simultaneously and they start arguing over food.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead