There's something on my needles and it's NOT A HAT.

Life, and work, have been pretty stressful lately. And knowing that I've a lot of admin to do over the next month or so, I set about getting something on the needles that would keep my hands busy but allow my brain to focus where it needs to. A new design would be too distracting, and what I really, really need is something so mindless that I could happily knit it for relaxation.

Enter the Garter Stitch Swing Jacket. And I'm making it for me.

When it comes to knitwear for me, I like things simple. Very simple. Defined lines and structure, yes, fancy stitch detail, no. And it has to be black. Or grey. But not blue or brown or anything else.

I wanted a jacket or cardy that would go with just about everything in my wardrobe. I wanted something that would be warm and comfortable. I've never liked close fitting knitwear, or especially bulky knitwear either - I'd sooner wear 3 thin layers of t-shirts or jerseys or thermals than put on a bulky jumper. A big chunky jumper makes me feel like the Michelin Man.

So here we are, with what I hope will be the perfect knit for me. Considering how simple I like my clothes to be, I am incredibly fussy. It has the interesting asymmetrical detail and the chance to show off some of my swanky new buttons. Garter Stitch is the perfect monotonous knitting that I need, that will not only provide a smooth, even texture but will also stretch and grow and won't cling so much to all those bits that I'd rather hide.

Besides, I love raglans. I've rarely knit a jumper for me that doesn't have raglan sleeves. Y'see I have swimmers shoulders (which is handy, as I used to be a swimmer) and can carry off this kinda shape pretty well.

The yarn I'm using is some repurposed Yaeger Matchmaker Aran. It started life tripled as Teva Durhams' Steek Jumper (not on the Rav database) but it was just.too.bulky. I love a lot of Teva's designs but find them difficult to wear because of the bulk factor. And so it was all ripped out, reskeined and washed.

Each time another stressful email lands in my inbox, or I realise just how much I need to do over the coming weeks, I grab this knitting, work a row or two of good ol' knit stitches and I feel calm and able to cope once more.

It's been a long time since knitting didn't require me to think or allowed me to relax, and I'm appreciating it very, very much.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead