It's the done thing here on the Yard to build a humongous bonfire and celebrate the dawning of a new year, then stand around it getting rather tipsy. Each year the bonfire seems to be bigger than the previous, and this year it stood at nearly 4 metres tall!

Despite the thunder and torrential rain, that fire burnt.

Supplies were a plenty, just incase the fire showed signs of dying down (it was still simmering this morning)

Old pallets kept the fire going, they burn quickly, but at the core were 3 old and large trees that had been washed up by the river, carefully put into place with cranes.

We all got a little bit wet, but who cared? It was New Years Eve! Besides, if you could bare it and get close enough to the fire, you'd dry off within minutes. It was quite funny watching people literally steaming!

If you look close enough you'll see me wearing my pink dress and pink Hat in the above photo. But that won't satisfy those who have been demanding to see me in a dress, so I've been hunting around and raiding peoples photos, and this is the best evidence shot I could find:

I assure you that that is me, with Aran on the reigns (he hates them, but health & safety and all that) Sorry, there was a complete fail at taking any shots inside during the party (that's where the food was, we weren't daft enough to spend the whole evening outside) so this will have to suffice.

Now that the festivities are over, it's time to get stuck into the new year, and surprisingly I'm feeling rather positive about it all. It could be the meds kicking in or it good just be the hope of the new year, but I can see things coming together much more clearly. My concentration levels are still lacking but the ideas certainly aren't!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead