The tenth design for Twisted Woolly Toppers is finished! And here it is, pre-blocking. It's actually much more brown than my camera would have you believe this morning.

After much debating over colour for this design, a skein of Wollmeise Molly worsted won. The colour balances with others in the book, and the yarn weight is exactly what I wanted - TWT needed another worsted design to balance with the Aran & DK.

This isn't the original tenth design, that one wouldn't behave at all and has been thoroughly shelved. This is a new no.10, and looks so pretty on.

And now I can panic about getting the last 2 patterns finished, getting the test knitting complete, getting the remainder tech edited, whether the weather will behave for the shoot, whether the layout options are feasible and everything else needed to bring this book to publication! Designing and knitting is only a small part of it, really.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead