Wow - already we've raised several hundred dollars through the sale of my patterns (£161 to be precise) in just 24 hours - thank you all so much! I wonder how high the total will be come the end of January?!

Tom took these photos this morning whilst I slept (my meds are causing me to sleep and then some). It's design no.9 for Twisted Woolly Toppers, named 'Brownie'.

Some sideways cables, a little bit of bias, a hint of ear-flaps and a touch of pixie = super cute!

There will be some adult sizes too, but only to the limit of the skein - an extra large size will need more than a single skein of Cascade 220, and you know I can't break my one skein rule.

Design no.10, the final Hat, is being a nuisance. There it was, all mapped out in my head, and now it's not behaving itself on the needles. Thankfully, there are plenty of designs in reserve, so I'll be swatching again today.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead