I'm sitting in bed, nursing a slight hangover. As it was Tom's turn to be on boy duty last night I get to enjoy the party, and have officially been given today off! Wise soul that I am didn't cane it last night; instead I enjoyed the festivities and can fully appreciate my duvet day (yep, I'd sooner have a lazy day than get decently trashed. Getting old, I am)

Last night saw me dressed up in a dress, a pink dress no less, but until we've uploaded the photos and scrounged everyone else's shots, I thought I'd reflect on the past year in designs; it's getting to be a bit of a custom round here.

From top left:

1) Urbanista, 2 & 3) Mr Tom's Beanie, 4) Molly, 5) Trenza, 6) Trekking, 7) Stripey Beanie, 8) Star Beanie, 9) Nimbus Beanie, 10) Elourne, 11) Alveare, 12) Mayrose, 13) Filigree Beanie, 14) Elsica, 15) Everglade.

These are the published designs - there are others for Twisted Woolly Toppers, some of which I've shared and some I haven't, but as they're not published they're not included. (Likewise, other secret designs have been completed for publication elsewhere and they'll remain secret!)

14 published designs, not as prolific as 2008. But this has been the year when I've completely turned my business upside down and inside out and made some big changes. Every pattern has been rephotographed, reformatted into the new layout and re-tech edited - which was no mean feat, especially as many samples were re-knitted too, and the patterns modified or improved.

The effort has paid off - traffic & sales have improved, and wholesale agreements reached. And on that subject, I have a new additional distributor in the US - Deep South Fibers - who'll be launching the Woolly Wormhead line at TNNA! Business is growing, and it's all good. It feels like I've made it into a proper business now, does that make sense?

This year has also seen me publish more designs with print magazines and yarn companies. A slightly different take for me, considering self-publishing is my way for many reasons. Yet these different avenues have given me a chance to work with different companies, gain more experience and increase my exposure.

And of course, I've been plugging away at the books - Twisted Woolly Toppers and Kitchener Unravelled - both scheduled for release this year. On the surface 2009 looks like a quiet year, but the truth is quite the opposite.

Plans for 2010? Finish those darn books! Twisted Woolly Toppers is close, we should be on for an early spring release. Kitchener Unravelled will be done, and once TWT is out of the way I can devote my complete attention to it. It's a love hate relationship with this one, and I can't wait for it to be finished.

There are more designs for publication to be revealed this year, and no doubt I'll be self publishing more designs. My brain has been going off on all sorts of tangents, from extreme sculptural pieces (with patterns of course!) to simple, stylish designs. Most of all though, after both books are finished, I want to take the pressure off. I want to make some freeform spiral hats and enjoy playing with wool and yarn without worrying about deadlines.

Here's hoping 2010 brings everything we desire, and gives us a smoother ride than 2009. Thank you to everyone who has passed by this blog and left comments, to everyone who has purchased a pattern or book, to everyone who has knitted a Wormhead Hat and to everyone for your continued support. Happy new year, happy new decade!

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