I'm really pleased to be able to share some new designs with you, after all the recent secret knitting. These two are the first finished designs for the new collection 'Twisted Woolly Toppers'. Originally, the idea for this collection came from wanting to do something with beanies that was a little bit different. Then it progressed to having a theme of cable and/or bias designs, and right now it looks like they will all be cable designs - I'm really enjoying playing around with these techniques!

This first one is a unisex beanie, although I think it might be better suited to the menfolk. It has a chunky chevron that works it's way continuously around the body of the Hat, with a plain reverse stocking stitch crown. It's designed to be a super warm winter Hat, hence the longer length. It's knit in Jamieson & Smith's Shetland Aran, which really is lovely to knit with, and has plenty of yardage to boot.

At the moment it has 3 sizes included, and is fully charted as well as having written instructions. I think the chart makes it look more complicated than it is, due to the nature of keeping the chevron continuous, but it really isn't a difficult knit. There isn't a lot of give in the cables, so I may add in some extra sizes so that the pattern is in one inch increments instead of two - we'll see. Tom's modeling the XL (like me, he has a big head - is it surprising that Aran's already in adult sized Hats?)

Talking of the wee dude... design number two!

When I was knitting this one, I had in mind Silvia (the lovely Italian lass who's modelled quite a few Hats for me, including Bobble Beret) yet as soon as it was finished it was on Aran's head and he'd stolen the show. I will still get it modelled on Silvia to show how it looks on different people (we need to do another shoot anyway as Aran wouldn't stop dancing for the camera) but I suspect Aran will be keeping this one.

This Hat is knit with Debbie Bliss Donegal Aran Tweed, and for the baby and small toddler sizes 50g would be sufficient - the one Aran is wearing is for a 19" head, and it used all of 60g. I think the colour really sets this one off and enhances the ziggy zaggy cables. It's a super simple knit with no shaping at the crown. It has at least 5 sizes included and also has charted and written instructions - all of the Hats in this collection will have (and don't worry, they won't all be zig-zag designs!)

Several more designs are in progress, so the collection is coming together nicely. It's a shame I have so much admin work to do, it gets in the way of my knitting and I really want to work on more of these right now!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead