The latest issue of Knit On The Net went live late last night, and I have a pattern published in it! If you must know I got the cover slot :D

Susan asked me *ages* ago if I'd submit something for this issue. The theme was 'Techniques & Traditions' so I set about working on a cloche style pattern, which seemed to fit the brief perfectly. The pattern though wasn't working, and despite frogging and refrogging, I just couldn't make it work. In the end I had to admit defeat with that one, as I was spending far too much time on it and it wasn't viable.

I gave myself a break of about a week or so (and promised Susan that I *would* get a pattern submitted in time!) and then I picked up my straight needles and cast on. Within less than 48 hrs, Molly was finished! The yarn just wanted to be this Hat, huh? And although it wasn't the cloche style I originally envisaged, it fitted the brief perfectly.

You can find the pattern for Molly here. As this pattern was written some time ago, the chart is in the old format with literal symbols. As always, there are written instructions too. The pattern fits my normal methods/criteria - uses only 1 skein if Cascade 220, is knit sideways on 4mm needles with a regular stocking stitch graft. It isn't as complicated as it looks - the lace panels form a memorable pattern and the wraps are straight forward.

Photos are all © Knit On The Net - they did a fantastic job with the photos, don't you think? I hope you enjoy Molly!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead