A while back, a thread popped up on Ravelry, asking designers to donate patterns for a charity publication. Stefanie Keir was putting a collection of Hat designs together for the Save The Children Charity, whom she works for, who are celebrating 90 years this year. I was more than happy to donate a couple of patterns - Baby I-cord Beanie & Slightly Loopy.

The collection is available as an ebook from Lulu, and you can pre-order the print book from here - I've just placed my order. The print version costs £7.50 and the ebook £5, with all profits going directly to the charity - well worth the money for 37 knit & crochet Hat designs!

I'm really happy to be part of this and able to help in some way - and I hope the book raises plenty of money for the charity.

Go buy!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead