This morning we're heading off, bus and all, on our way to Southern Ireland!

My mum's joining us (infact this whole trip is her idea) and we'll be meeting her in Fishguard tomorrow morning to catch the ferry. We're heading off this morning because the bus isn't the fastest vehicle on the planet and the wee dude likes the occasional stop and stretch of legs. We'll spend tonight somewhere near Swansea (haven't decided yet) giving us a more relaxed drive in the morning.

Once we hit Irish shores the first point of call is Blarney, to pitch and rest up. From there we'll be heading to Cool Mountain, near Dunmanway. Enroute we're hoping to stop in and see Stolen Stitches and have a chat over a cuppa. We'll spending a lovely week in and around the south coast before starting our journey back on the 23rd.

To recap, we're away from 16th to 24th Septemeber, and will likely be without any internet for the whole week.

Another pattern bundle was uploaded last night - The Textured Beret Collection.

This collection includes a few favourites:

For the time being, the collection has the individual PDF's grouped, rather than an ebook file - I figured this may suit more people, so they can print of a single pattern as and when instead of the whole caboodle. Time permitting (ha! you ought to see my to-do list!) I will get them grouped together as a book.

Enjoy, and I'll see you the other side of Ireland! It won't be long after we get back before we start our slow trip back to Italy... summer is most definitely over here so we need to get moving to warmer climes.

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