This year, for me, it was mostly about catching up with friends and teaching. I was too busy to shop, to busy to go to any other workshops and meet the range of experts on offer. It was full on madness and mayhem!

(and would you believe that after spending the first night in my own bed, I woke up with a stinking cold, that's migrating to my chest as I type? Ugh.)

For most of the weekend, I was pitched on Arbour Houses' and Knit On the Net's stands (except when I was teaching or getting stopped somewhere to talk!) Putting up a stand and taking it down is hard, physical work, but it's fun when there's a crowd of you.

The Woolly Mafia where there of course, including The Natural Dye Studio and Fyberspates.

The friday saw me jump straight into selling and signing books and workshops.

The first workshop I taught was all about Kitchener. Now, I've heard folk say or have read threads on Ravelry that ask why bother with a workshop for kitchener? I mean, it's only 4 simple steps right? Well, maybe they should have taken my workshop and spent the 3 hours with us going over a variety of kitchener stitches and getting into the theory of it. It's not just stocking stitch kitchener, it's so much more than that, and I'm on a mission to prove it! (maybe I'm preaching to the converted here...;)

It was an intense workshop, and I got very good feedback about it. This one never sells out; it either intimidates people or people don't realise how much there is to it and don't think it's worth the bother. I don't mind if it doesn't sell out though, we had a great group and there was time for me to help people and cover a lot of questions. Don't they all look so studious?

Saturday saw me teaching my Hat Design workshop. Much more light-hearted, and the better of the two to be teaching when you're starting to suffer from the weekend madness! We had more students for this one, but I'm afraid the only photos I have at the moment are of me teaching, so we'll keep those to a minimum.

Photo © SnoopyDogKnits

(the baby fat is budging, but clearly there's a way to go!)

Everyone in this workshop took their own measurements and worked out a basic pattern for a Hat for themselves. We talked about gauge and stitch patterns and decrease formulas and much, much more. This workshop does work better over a whole day, yet considering the 3 hour time slot everyone did amazingly well.

There's a thread started in the Wormhead's Hats group on Ravelry for folk to share their finished Hat - I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love to see them!

I didn't get to meet Alice Starmore, but I did meet Annie Modesitt and Debbie New, and Ysolda came to hang out with us after the show on friday which was a fun night. Debbie New has been a kinda hero of mine ever since I bought her book 'Unexpected Knitting' - she takes you to another dimension and it's totally my kind of thing. I'd like to have talked to her more or have attended one of her talks.. maybe another time, eh?

Otherwise there was lots of business talk and networking, something I'm pretty useless at but am getting better! Some new business arrangements were made, and I'll tell more about that another time.

Best of all though I got to see my friends again - the Woolly Mafia and Just Call Me Ruby; Babylonglegs was helping Fyberspates, RockPool Candy were there too, so there was some good times had too. I caught up with Lixie and Liz and Nickerjac amongst others, which made me happy. It's such a shame I won't see most of them again until next year, though many have promised to come and see us in Italy :)

All in all, a fun, mad and mayhem filled weekend, totally worth getting ill for.

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