I'm really glad I wrote my last blog post - not only because it helps to say out loud that my head's not in the best place, that the depression is around again, but also to remind myself that I'm not alone. Thank you for understanding and helping me feel better about myself :)

Funny that hair should be mentioned... I've been thinking about shaving all my dreads off. I used to dye mine all colours too. (and it really is about self expression, not about attention, I agree!) My dreads are safe though, don't think Tom would talk to me for months if they went ;)

Anyhows! Knitting :)

There have been new designs afoot...

Most of them are secret though, so that's all I can share for now. 2 designs are hopefully going into (print) publication, another design will be self published as soon as it's ready. The pattern for the Mystery KAL is also done all barr final editing, and it feels really good to be designing again! The book work and the reformatting has taken it's toll, and I have been worrying endlessly about it all. I've come to my senses though, and realise again I can only go with my own flow, at my own pace. The book(s) will get finished but if they're a little late then so be it. Won't hurt, eh?

All of my single designs are fully reformatted, and the catalogue is being put together as I type for wholesale - if you want to see Wormhead patterns in your LYS you won't have to wait long - it's really exciting!

After weeks and weeks of trying to get a new windscreen for our bus, we found some where to get one (it's custom built, of course ;) and someone to fit it, and yesterday she sailed through her MOT. We were pretty certain she didn't need much else fixing, so we're dead chuffed. We'll be back on the road again soon, and I can't wait!

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