Since we got back on UK soil, we've hardly stood still! We've been up to Sheffield to see my mum, to London to see Tom's mum and to Essex to see my dad. Infact, we spent nearly 6 weeks running around between the 3. Aran has loved it - he's very adaptable and has no problem with staying in different places, especially if there are grandparents there.

During our travels, Aran has tried on some unusual Hats

and dressed up as Spiderman

He's made a new best friend

and picked up their habits

He ate all of the strawberries in Hull

 And he helped me organise Susoolu's stash!

He caused chaos at my mum's allotment

and hung out with some strange robots

And of course had his first black eye

Meantime, Tom's had some work which included laying turf and (semi) landscaping his aunt's garden

As well as trying to work during all this mayhem, I've also caught up with a few friends.

I made it along to an informal school reunion, which was fun but very weird - everyone's memory of school or me is very, very different from mine. I always knew I was the odd one out, and never really fitted in and was bullied for it. This wasn't in dispute, yet many people thought I was one of the alright ones because I did my own thing. Funny how you grow up thinking you aren't well liked, only to find out later in life it's more the heads' still trying to make sense of it.

Sadly, the bus hasn't been travelling with us because she needs her MOT. Once we get her a new windscreen, she should sail through, but getting that new windscreen is proving a problem.

The laminate has slowly been splitting over the last couple of years, creating a white patch in one corner that has been growing gradually. This year it will fail on it. We thought we'd got it sorted, only to discover our model has a custom built windscreen. Obviously. So after many more phonecalls, we hunted down the part number and Pilkington can make one for us.

Unfortunately the problems have delayed us in taking a proper tour of the UK - we wanted to get down to Bristol, up to Leicester and maybe further north to visit friends. We had lots of plans and plenty of sights to see. We're also popping over to southern Ireland for a few days with my mum, but that may have to wait now until after I've taught at Iknit in mid-September. It's disappointing to miss out on so many travels whilst we're here, but it's good to know we'll get a windscreen and get our bus back on the road!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead