Just like the Chullo Collection, I want to put together more of my single patterns into mini collections to be available for purchase as a PDF and possibly print (I've mentioned the possibility to my publisher)

Here's the thing - I'm not sure how to group them. The Chullo Collection was easy, as they're all the same style and there's a nice amount of them to put together. But with the beret's, slouchies and the rest there are many more of them!

Here's some ideas I've been playing with:

  • group by gauge, i.e. 'The Wosted Collection'
  • group by style, but limit to a set number i.e. 'The Beret Collection', 7 designs or something
  • group by complexity or stitch pattern i.e. 'The Lace Collection'
  • group by format, i.e. 'The Charted Collection' (although the written instructions will still be included)

What do you think? Each collection will have somewhere between 6 and 10 designs. There are lots of new designs on the horizon (and oh how I want to share them with you but I can't!) but they won't be included in these bundles - these are all about the back catalogue.

Part of me thinks, heck, do them all! The more choice the better, right? But that's a lot of work... and all of this reformatting has been driving me bonkers as it is. I'm thinking gauge/yarn weight would be good, but also the style... I can't choose!

I've spent my evening knitting another new design (3rd in nearly as many weeks) and sorting through photos from a recent shoot of these new designs. It's nice to be knitting and producing new designs, even if they have to remain secret for a while longer! I'm itching to share the photos especially, I'm so pleased with them.

And did I mention I'm planning another Mystery KAL, starting November 1st?

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