is just under a month away! (I was about to type something like 'oh how time flies' but we don't need reminding of that ;)

A few questions have come in about preparation for my workshops, what projects you need to bring etc, so here's a breakdown of the two sessions including materials lists.

Kitchener workshop:
Friday 11th september 1-4pm

In this workshop, we'll explore the method of kitchener that most people are familiar with, stocking stitch, then look at reverse stocking stitch, garter and reverse garter stitch. We'll look at the basics of how kitchener works, and the benefits it can have for your knitting. We'll discuss how best to use it, and also look at related techniques such as provisional cast-on and 3-needle bind-off.

We'll be using my Kitchener Close-up tutorial as a basis for notes, and this will be provided as a handout for you to use. If you are doing the workshop and haven't yet read this tutorial, do download it and read through it. There will be opportunities to ask questions, so if you've read a little about kitchener or have tried it before, this will enrich the session.

To get the most out of the workshop it's a good idea to bring samples with you to practise on. If you've made one of my sideways Hat designs do bring one along, especially if you've had problems with the graft or are unsure about how to start. If you don't have anything on the needles, 2 quick swatches left on the needles will be suffice. The swatches should be the same, and knit in one of the four stitches we will be grafting as mentioned above. There will also be additional notes only available in the workshop.

You will need to bring a tapestry or blunt ended needle to work the graft, and any leftover yarn from your project. Remember to leave any project that you will be grafting during the workshop on your needles!

This is a technical workshop, yet I will go at the pace of the students, so everyone gains something. When I have taught this workshop before the students found it incredibly useful and gave them much more confidence with their grafting.

Hat design workshop:
Saturday 12th september 1-4pm

In this workshop I will help you design a custom fit Hat pattern! We will look at the 3 common types of Hat shape (beanie/half-dome, chullo/earflapper and beret/tam) and how gauge and stitch pattern influence the design process. Notes will be provided, covering a variety of ways to shape the crown (all the maths is included in the notes) and how to use increase and decrease techniques effectively to influence shape and the finished surface.

We aim to write a simple pattern to fit your own measurements, and how you use that pattern will depend upon how adventurous you are and your knitting skills! We will look at basic pattern writing structure, common abbreviations and simple charts. Blank paper will be included in the notes, as well as a grided sheet for constructing a chart. Once you have written your pattern, you can then finish your Hat in your own time.

You will need to bring a suitable yarn (preferably aran or chunky weight, given the time contraints - the more you can knit in the session the more I can provide help) and the corresponding needles to get gauge. Either DPN's or a long circular for magic loop, as we will be working in the round.

Please swatch your yarn before you come to the workshop - this will save a lot of time! You don't have to block your swatch, but it does help if you haven't used the yarn before and know how it behaves when washed - I will explain the difference between blocked and unblocked measurements. If you do not know the gauge of your yarn+needles, you can swatch in the session or we can use the ball-band gauge to save time.

A calculator and tape measure are also useful, as there will be some maths involved and we will be measuring our heads :) I have a couple, but not enough for every student, so it would be great if you could bring some.

Time permitting, I will also talk about how I go about designing my sideways Hats - this is a more complex process and there won't be time I'm afraid to go into this too deeply.

ETA: 100g is sufficient for your Hat design - all of my designs come from a single skein or 100g! I will also be bringing as many stitch dictionaries as I can carry (including my Japanese & BW ones) but you are more than welcome to bring your own.


I hope this helps! If you have any other questions that I haven't covered here, please use the comments to ask!

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