As promised, here's some photos of my drum carder that I'm selling. I've already had 2 people enquire so if either of these aren't interested, I'll list it on Ebay or Ravelry. They have first dibs, though.

It's a Louet Junior drum carder, producing smaller/narrower batts than regular carders (10cm/4"), yet it still takes a fair bit of fibre and cards up a dream. It's hardly been used since I bought it new - carded less than 1kg on it - and it's in virtually new condition. For the last 2 years it's been stored, so had more dust than fibre when I cleaned it! I hardly spin now, and for the amounts I do, hand carders are suffice. We don't have the space anymore to store it and the cash will be handy.

One of the table clamps appears to be missing, and I'm pretty sure it's in one of the many cupboards in the bus. If we don't find it, these rectangular clamps are easy to purchase and pretty cheap. The Louet website says it comes with a handbook/usermanual, but I don't remember there being one. If I find it, I'll post it. But hey, it's a drum carder, not difficult to work out how to use, & it has diagrams on it's side ;) Otherwise, everything else is there.

I'm not sure how much to charge 2nd hand, considering it's virtually new condition, and can't find any 2nd hand ones for sale to compare! They cost £200+ new to buy, so will be looking for around half that. I'll only post inside the UK and p&p will be extra (will get estimate as needed) If you live nearby or enroute to one of our destinations, delivery/collection can be arranged.

Total chaos is ruling my head right now - I'm not getting any time to do anything, not even knit or reformat a pattern or chart let alone fresh design work or the next chapter in the book, and everything else seems to be taking priority over what I need to do (which not only frustrates me but my work-load is growing by the day) I'm at least a month behind on general work & admin (though am fairly caught up with emails now) which means it will be quite some time before the book gets a look in. The grey clouds are not far away, let me tell you. Gotta redress the balance and get some time to myself before my head goes pop.

Anyhow's, a little destash is good for the soul and wallet ;) Got some fibres and maybe a skein of Wollmeise up next!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead