This is a photo taken by a Coventry journalist and was then published in one of the local papers, reporting UK Ravelry day. In the photo is BabyLonglegs, Lottieru & MiffyRabbit who were on BabyLongLegs stall.

Don't they look great? And they're all wearing Wormhead Hats! We have Marina, Ribba and Happy Flapper (an adaptation of Scrappy Flapper especially for BBL yarns and is only available as a kit from BBL)

Wormhead Hats hit the press :D

Remember me getting all excited about the new book Annie Modesitt is working on, 1000 Knit Hats? Well, the dealine for photo submissions has been extended until the 15th July! This is great news for anyone still trying to get photos uploaded - I hear the system got a bit confused during the last minute rush. 

If you haven't already done so, do go and look at the submission guidelines and get a few photos uploaded. They don't have to be your own designs, they can be photos of any Hat you have knit or crocheted by any designer (though of course I am gonna encourage you to upload your WW Hats ;)

Don't forget the tutorial I posted, which explains how to resize your photos for print to fit the submission guidelines - it helps loads if your photos are ready to go!

Go on, send in your photos! This book is guaranteed to be a gem - full of inspiring photos of woolly Hats with a few patterns thrown in for good measure. I can't wait to see it.

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