In need of a bit of mindless knitting, I knit one of my Baby Jester Hats for Aran. Being his usual self, he was a natural in front of the camera and we got some great shots to update the pattern. Only we needed to avoid any direct shots of his face, because he's gotten himself his first black eye. And black eyes don't look good on patterns.

It's looking better now; it wasn't the best shiner ever but it did go a nice shade of purple.

Aran managed this by running around and slipping, hitting the latch/lock of a large trunk face first. There was lots of blood and even more tears, and I'm embarrassed to say that Mummy was too shocked and upset and Daddy had to do the cleaning up. I've never been anything near squeamish, yet somehow blood gushing from my little boys' face knocked me sideways. Mummy did administer lots of cuddles, though.

As soon as the tears stopped (shortly after the blood stopped) he was up and running around again.

Boys will be boys, I guess.

I've never had a black eye, so I'm a tinsy bit jealous...

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