photo credit  - © Puplet

Today is my mum's 60th birthday - please join me in wishing her a happy birthday!

This photo was taken last week when we popped up to Hull to see Susoolu and Hiding Pup, and I think it sums her up pretty well.

Gloria (as many of you know her) is responsible for teaching me to knit, and for that she can't be thanked enough. She's taken to knitting again herself, and is often picking my brain for tips and tricks. Her creative avenue is felted bags, and you can see some of her work here. She doesn't work from a pattern, and instead works intuitively with her materials. My old Ashford Traditional wheel now resides with her, and I think the next craft she wishes to conquer is weaving (all to be felted, of course ;)

I hope you have a good day mum, and that you have fun playing with your knitters' Loom! xx

AuthorWoolly Wormhead