With the Photos Project, one of things I've been trying to do is to collect photos of the same Hat on different people - with the aim being to show just how good (or possibly bad!) that Hat or style of Hat looks on different people.

The first photos I'm going to share are for my Marina pattern. When I first published it, I used the photos we took of Stef in Amsterdam. We took some of me modelling it at the same time, and we took a few of my step-sister Dasha the other week.

This Hat may not be the best one to use for this purpose, because I think it's pretty clear it needs big hair to show off the design & stitch pattern to it's full potential! What's useful with these photos is how the same Hat fits each person  - the only one it fits properly is me (duh. dreads) so it goes some way to help determine which size should be knitted (this sample was knitted in the largest size, and without checking the pattern details, I can tell you it is for a big head!) It doesn't look too bad on Stef, but I think it does look *huge* on Dasha! The sideways garter brim fitted her ok, but that body is just too slouchy. The pattern does have a less slouchy version, and I'd like to get that knitted up sometime to show how that may be better for most people.

What do you think? If I get together more photos of a Hat worn by different people, would it be useful? I will add them all to the gallery pages and group them, and once I've got myself organised, I'll add thumbnails to the pattern page that can be enlarged so you can see right there the variety of people wearing said pattern.

And a final question - this is one of the last patterns that needs reformatting - which of the photos above do you think I should use? Ok, I've said it looks better on big hair, but do the other photos (i.e. not me) show the stitch & shape better? In other words, can I avoid using a photo of me? (These patterns are going to print. The other 2 are far more photogenic than me; that can't be denied. Would I want to ruin this patterns' chances by sticking my muggin on there?)

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