Thursday saw us out for another photo shoot, this time with my step-sister, who modelled for my Arbacia pattern. We went down to CoalHouse Fort in East Tilbury, Essex, which is just a stones' throw from my Dad's (where we're currently squatting) The weather held up - windy & cloudy with a hint of sunshine, and it ended up being too bright for some of the photos, as once they were downloaded many were over exposed. We took nearly 1200 shots, and plenty were good enough despite the light, so here's a handful of my favourites:

Cabled Cap



Coldharbour Twist

Pleated Beret


Yep, she's another person I know who is annoyingly incredibly photogenic. I seem to know quite a few people like that, huh? Guess I shouldn't complain as I'll always have a good range of models!

And have I said already how much I love our new(ish) portrait lens? That seriously has to have been one of the best business outlays yet. Seriously.

Rather frustratingly, some of my absolute favourites from the shoot I can't show you - y'see we weren't taking photos of old designs only... there are a couple of new designs afoot, secret projects. And secret projects have to remain secret!

Many of my patterns now have decent photos of the Hats modelled by different people, and I'm hoping to get a few of them together in a few blog posts to show just how different these Hats can look on a wide range of faces and hair styles/types. Only 2 or 3 of the free patterns are without photos of people wearing the Hats, and they shouldn't be difficult to sort out - meaning they've all got great new photos! Yey!

Am over half way now with reformatting & re-tech editing the paid-for patterns, and finally the end is in sight, especially as I've got the hang of the new layout & drawing the new charts. Can't wait for all this to be done, giving me more free time for designing - feels like I've been reformatting forever (books, website, patterns, photos....) Thank heavens for that light at the end of the tunnel!

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