This time I'm listing mostly fibres, and one special skein of yarn. Shall I mention that one first?

The skein of Wollmeise sock yarn (100% merino superwash) that I bought from the store but was a bit undecided. I do love the colours, they work well together, but I just can't see me using it. Sock yarn isn't my favourite yarn weight and there's very little of it in my stash, so it's up for grabs!

150g, 574yds of yummy hand-dyed goodiness.

The next listings are all fibres; there's some Wensleydale roving (500g, undyed), luscious undyed Kid Mohair locks (330g & 333g), 650g Shetland, 515g BFL and 2 lots of a BFL cross (610g & 660g) (sorry, I can't remember what breed the BFL is crossed with)

Apart from the roving, all the fibres are from the fleece, sorted and cleaned myself. They will need carding or combing (and of course dyeing!)

Hopefully these links will work, though it's been some time since I used Ebay! My user ID is woolly_wormhead, so if these don't work track me down ;) I've only just listed them, and they take some time to show up in searches - they all have a 5-day listing so they'll still be there tomorrow!

Wollmeise sock yarn

Wensleydale roving

Blue Faced Leicester

BFLx 610g & 660g


Kid Mohair locks 330g & 333g

Shifting this lot should free up some space in the bus! And now my internet quota for the day is all used up :(

AuthorWoolly Wormhead