From our location in Italy (Santarcangelo) we headed to north Italy to cross the border into Austria. From there we headed across to Bavaria, Germany, where we intended spending a couple of days in Munich. We had a good journey, Aran travelled better than he had previously, but I'm pretty sure most of you want to hear about a certain yarn store just outside Munich rather than our journey ;)

The Wollmeise store is about 60km north of Munich if you're planning on visiting, and it most certainly is worth the travelling.

The colours were just amazing! The store itself is clean and minimal, just how a yarn store should be, allowing the yarn to take centre stage. Claudia and Dani were so friendly and welcoming and more than happy for Aran to wander around and enjoy his visit too. (he was good, he knows how to behave around yarn ;)

The weights available were sock, lace and light worsted, so there was something there for this non-sock & non-fine lace designer.

Clearly I'm out of the habit of splurging on yarn; after umming and ahhing over a couple of skeins of 'Molly' (their worsted weight) Tom handed me his wallet and told me to make the journey worthwhile.

So I did. Or at least I tried.

I grabbed 3 skeins of Molly - these are from the 'nobody's perfect' section, which is where the odd skeins with one knot go. One knot doesn't bother me, and they were a couple of Euro's cheaper each skein.

I've been lazy today and not adjusted the colours (which is funny, as myself and Claudia spent time talking about how difficult it is to photograph colours) so from left to right is a dark purple and blues number, an autumnal mix of browns, and then a deep reds and purples mix. I was told the names of the colourways but have promptly forgotten them, sorry...

I also bought 2 skeins of sockweight. I figured that Hat patterns for this yarn may be a good idea, being as this is one of the yarns that sells out everywhere and everyone wants. The first is 'Rhubarb', the only non semi-solid I bought, and the 2nd is blues and cyan, though the camera doesn't show it very well (I did say I've been lazy with the photo editing today) If there was a skein that I'm not 100% sure about it's the Rhubarb - I love the colours but can't yet visualise it in a pattern, but we'll see.. I may sell it on.

That was it, my total yarn purchases. Shameful I suppose, being as we went all that way but I just can't buy more than I need! My stash does have to be kept under control, as does my budget. Living simply trains you well. You can find a few more photos of our visit here.

Claudia is lovely, so easy to talk to and this makes the shop all the more welcoming. I was so happy that we made it there and I probably rambled like a nervous loon, yet it didn't matter. It was a perfect day.

And now that I've photographed the yarn and blogged about it, I can start knitting with it :D

ETA - I've realised that you may want a report on what these yarns look and feel like in the flesh? Molly is my fave, not only because of it's weight. It is one of those multiplied springy yarns, bouncy and soft, and I think it will do well with textured knits. The sock yarn is very soft, and ply-wise seems like many other similar weight yarns.. not so springy, more tightly spun and plied.

My photos don't do the colours justice. Claudia definitely has her own colour signature, like other good indie dyers (Fyberspates, Natural Dye Studio and also BabyLonglegs) If you prefer bright and colourful, you'll find plenty to choose from; it wasn't all solids and semi-solids.

I can't say enough how much the shop is worth a visit if you are anywhere near the region. Holding and fondling yarn in the flesh can't be beaten, and this is good yarn.

Right - back to winding yarn and swatching!

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