What a week!

I've managed to get 11 patterns reformatted and ready for TNNA. The last 3 are with tech editing, the others already done. These babies are going into print, and there's something so final, so permanent about ink on paper, and they have to look and read their best. And I'm pretty chuffed with how they're looking now.

For those able to go to TNNA, you'll find my patterns available on stand #118 - Cookie A's stand.

See now why it's felt a little overwhelming? See that name I just dropped?! My patterns are gonna be there amongst some very, very good company.


Tomorrow sees me hop over to sunny Coventry for Uk Ravelry day. There I'll be teaching my Kitchener workshop and book signing, and catching up with some sorely missed fibery friends. I'm also have the chance to meet Jared Flood and Meg Swansen, Debbie Bliss and many more - so much excitement packed into a few days!

When I get back I think some respite is in order. Big time.

See you Saturday!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead