Yes indeed, we're pretty much packed up and sorted, and shall be leaving for Munich tomorrow!

Provided everything goes to plan (i.e. bus happy, Aran happy, weather nice, roads pleasant etc) we should hit Munich by friday, which means there is little stopping me from getting to Wollmeise's bricks & mortar store for it's 2nd weekend opening.


I promise to take photos and will do what I can for those special request skeins of yarn ;)

This also means that from tomorrow morning we'll have no internet access until we hit the UK, unless we're lucky enough to find a few hotspots enroute. Hopefully the business won't fall apart in that time, but should anyone have a problem please email me and I'll get back to you as soon as feasibly possible, or try the Wormhead's Hats group on Ravelry.

Over the last few weeks quite a few people have asked for some details of the kinda work that most of the artists do here on the Yard. The Yard is mostly a metals site - folk work with scrap metal to build a variety of sculptures in even more diverse styles. I did twitter a couple of these links this morning, yet with the 140 character limit and a delay in (my) response time, you were probably wondering what the hell I was talking about.

Anyhows, here's a couple of links to artists' websites: and

Remember I said a while back that there's another wee person here, Elsa, 4 mths older than Aran? That 2nd link is the work of Elsa's mother, Lucia.

There's a Google/Picassa gallery for the last trip we made here, some 4 years ago, which includes some general shots of the site and larger sculptures - linky. You'll have to wade through the shots of the journey and tunnels (me likes tunnels) to find them... we have tons of more recent shots yet haven't sorted them & uploaded (I know, slacker me)

I'll leave you with a photo of Aran with his playmate Elsa, taken yesterday evening. It was Lucia's birthday, and a wee party was had (which made for slow tatting down today.. I'm getting too old for hangovers)(either that or I'm out of practice)

See you soon!

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