So we're planning our route back to the UK. We've been settled here for a while now, and sorting things out and packing up is taking much longer than expected, especially since one of us has to keep an eye on the wandering wee dude at all times.

This is the first route we are considering:


Crossing the Alps in Switzerland, then into Germany, onto Luxembourg and finally through France to Calais. This way avoids the tolls on the French roads and takes us to the quickest and cheapest ferry route across the puddle.

Knowing that Woolfest is next weekend I have been gentling encouraging Mr Tom to go up a gear in the preparations, but it just ain't happening. He's far more relaxed about it all whereas I am absolutely itching to get moving. Sadly, the only way to make Woolfest now (seeing as it's at least another days' drive the other side of Dover) is to have left yesterday.

Then, as if luck would have it, IndieKnits tweeted about a new yarn store opening in Munich. A rather special new bricks and mortar store for Wollmeise, which happens to be open this coming friday and saturday. I am not be a sock knitter but who doesn't want to go fondle yarn that everyone seems to be lusting after?

The proposed new route is this:


It isn't that far out of our way, not really. And we do keep saying that we should stop here and there, enjoy the sights and give the wee guy a chance to stretch his legs.

It might take some persuasion, so my argument is that we need to make up for missing Woolfest (obviously) and we also need to make up for missing the German yarn stores that you all suggested for the journey down here.

A quick Google revealed a few more yarn stores of interest in the area, as well as a map. There also seem to be a few camping/motorhome sites in the vacinity, which is of course extremely helpful when trying to persuade the driver and father in the family that we *must* stop here and let me shop see the sights.

I failed to get us going in time for Woolfest, so wish me luck trying to get Tom into gear. I have a chance, it's do-able, so please send persuasive vibes this way!

And if we make it to Wollmeise, I promise to share photos and make you all jealous. I may even buy some yarn.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead