Whilst trying to drift off to sleep the night before UK Ravelry Day, Babylonglegs and myself were talking about design influences, and she told me she liked the post where I showed photos showing some of my inspiration (she was sharing the hotel room incase you were wondering) The teacher in me realised that not everyone would see the connections between those photos and the finished designs without seeing them together, so I've been planning more indepth posts to explain where my ideas come from further. I thought I'd start with Urbanista as it's fairly fresh.

Urbanista is a little different from many of my other designs because it focuses on right angles - I really am a curved edges kinda gal... normally I'm influenced by oragnic forms, or architecture that mimics this, and there's also something about the symbolism of curves and circles and spheres that fascinates me. All the way through my Textile Art degree at Goldsmiths circles and spheres get popping up, and in many of the scupltures I created they were the dominant shape.

Having said that though, it was fun to work that design so that the sharp edges and straight lines slotted together to form a Hat, which is curved and (almost) semi-circular. Right angles seemed perfect because they do nest, they slot together rather nicely, and with the smaller ones nesting inside the larger ones, the wedge shape needed to create the Hat emerged effortlessly.

I think this one is my favourite, as you can see the nesting that also appears on Urbanista:

I'm procrastinating so *badly* today - the design I've nearly finished is bothering me... it's worked in sections and the final section (which should be the easiest) just isn't behaving, and I'm really not comfortable with beating a design into submission... I much prefer it when they flow. And we're also sorting out stuff, what can stay, what do we need etc ready for the journey.. and it's like packing and moving house all over again!

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