We do have a garden of sorts here.... although there is no lawn or flower beds. It's fenced off and shady, and full of swings and climbing frames and wee slides. Aran's so happy with this space and his freedom!

The wee dude gave me a snail that he'd attempted to chew the other day, which grossed me out a fair bit, and unfortunately my reaction made the poor guy cry! He thought he was giving Mummy a present, which Mummy promptly threw away in disgust. We've made up since, though he does keep sticking snails in his mouth. Thankfully he finds worms too wriggly.

These were taken of his cuteness today:

We'll be leaving the garden and the plot behind shortly, but it will all be here when we get back. Summer here lasts a lot later than it does in the UK; it was still warm and sunny right through to mid November last year, and we only started putting the stove on at night come the end of November!

We think this time we'll take the ferry from Calais into Dover, and drive up through Switzerland into Germany, then head to France from Luxemburg. It's a slightly shorter journey than the one we took coming here (via Holland) and cheaper on the ferry too. We can't say exactly when we'll be leaving, but with any luck we'll hit the UK within the next 2 weeks or so!

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