Jo @ FreeStyleFibre asked about seeing how Urbanista looks in stocking stitch, i.e. in reverse; I also had a comment/message though Ravelry asking the same thing. I'd got it into my head that we took reversible photos at the time but I couldn't find them, so we quickly took some more photos this morning! Tom wasn't keen to be snapped as he hasn't had a shave.. but he wouldn't be Tom without stubble, right?

You'll notice in this last photo how the short row wraps appear - when I knitted this one I chose the reverse stocking stitch to be the right side, and picked up my wraps accordingly. I also wove all the ends in on the stocking stitch side. Bear in mind this Hat has been thrown about a lot over the last year and wasn't washed or blocked before these photos, so the inside isn't looking quite as tidy as it did ;)

If you want this Hat to be fully reversible then you will have to accept that the wraps will appear neater on side than the other - being stocking stitch colourwork, they won't be completely hidden. Taking care with those ends and how you change colours in the right angles makes all the difference to the finish, but if you know which way you'd prefer the Hat to look before you start you can throw caution to the wind and not worry so much about how neat it is on the inside!

I still owe a blog post about UK Ravelry day  - it'll get written soon hopefully......

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