Urbanista was originally submitted for the last Winter issue of Knitty. The pattern was written and knitted a year ago now, and the photos taken hurriedly when we reached Holland last September. After weeks and months of anxiously waiting (and weeks and months of having virtually no internet connection), a mere 2 weeks before the Winter issue was due to go live, I tentatively emailed Amy only to find that the interwebs had swallowed my submission.

So here it is, in the summer issue for your pleasure.

This Hat is a(nother) sideways design, constructed from panels of colour knitted at right angles to each other using intarsia techniques. I promise it's not as difficult as it looks!

The photos were taken at a site in Amsterdam where friends we were visiting were living. The backdrop is Sid's 'box', which contains his music & DJ equipment; the graffiti is Sid's own.

Tom hates having his photo taken and he hates seeing his photo published even more, so please don't tell him how great he looks, ok?

AuthorWoolly Wormhead