It's been stinkingly hot here today, and where better to head than the beach. To most of the locals today's heat is pretty mild, amd I'm sure most of the (few) people on the beach were non-natives. We've been reminded that temperature and climate is relative; to an English sort used to the unpredictable summers and constant rain this weather would be a novelty, yet to the Italians it's just another spring day.

The water at the beach was a v.friendly temperature so the wee dude had his first proper swim in the sea! Being the first time parents that we are we played it cautiously & gently, eventually realising that Aran didn't just want to paddle and worrying about wet nappies and clothes was a bit pointless. (Don't fret, he was smothered in baby suncream. And the water was very warm and incredibly shallow, with at least 2 adults on constant supervision)


He absolutely loved it! All those swimming lessons have paid off, for sure. It's a shame that normal life kicks in again next week, where no doubt I'll spend most of the summer working on the book and won't have as much time to spend with the wee fella on days like this.


AuthorWoolly Wormhead