My dad & step-mum arrived this morning and already we're worn out! They're staying in a hotel the other side of town, so lots of running around. Of course they're loving every minute with the wee dude and he's loving all the attention but boy is it knackering...

The next few days will be quiet work-wise, but wanted to pop in and share a few shots from another photo shoot we had on tuesday.

Bobble Beret (pattern page not updated yet!)


Flappy Cabler (pattern page not updated yet either)


Remember how I said that this lovely model wanted to trade for knitting lessons? Well I prepared her a big bag full of booty including bamboo needles, loads of odd balls of wool & Italian 'how-to' instructions. She was bowled over, which made me even more happy! She was taught to knit as a young lass then forgot the craft, as many do, and now I can't wait to see how she progresses.

We took photos of other things, but that's all secret knitting so no sharing for now.

Lots more photos have arrived for the Photos Project, yet won't be able to edit & share them for a few days yet. Some of the photos include shots of Flappy Cabler, shown above, and it's great to see it knitted in a different yarn and modelled on a different person; it's one Hat that doesn't get much attention (it's far from being my most popular design but me still likes it ;)

And now I must go and get horizontal. Am too tired to type any more!

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